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Standing Before Kings – Little Voices

Melancholy? Nah, thats the wrong word. It’s way sweeter than that. It feels like a visit of a long lost friend. This, guys, is the newest track of LA based alternative rock band Standing Before Kings.

The song tells the listener a story about those little voices in your head. You know, all those voices that can be useful when making a decision, but also can drive you nuts, keeping you awake at night, planting nothing but sorrow and grief. So, basically, I think this track is a journey into your own head to a certain degree.

What starts with soft vocals and a piano backing evolves into the main theme with a ton of emotion transmitted along the tunes. The male high vocals are on spot and support the somewhat mysterious atmosphere along the whispers added in there. (kudos to the production guys. That’s a thing of beauty and easy to miss.)
You know me guys, I don’t ever compare a band to another, probably more successful one, because I feel that every band has their own signature style and deserves to be seen this way. That being said, the melodic concept reminds me strongly of someone else, but that doesn’t hurt the overall impression, because the created atmosphere is just so outstanding. At some point the vocals feel vulnerable and lost, then at the other end the vocals are almost screaming “thats enough, goddamned” in your face. See what this is? Emotions packed in music at its finest. It’s songs like “Little Voices” that prove without a doubt that music not only delivers the notes, it also triggers emotions, passion and energy. That’s what music is for in my opinion, and that’s what the guys of Standing Before Kings put in capital letters within their work.

Oh, and a final thing: if you really REALLY want to feel the atmosphere of the song, I recommend the extended version. But be warned, this may make you feel uncomfortable due to the room that’s created in your imagination. You got to be comfortable with being all alone in an unknown environment. That’s overwhelming sometimes. Trust me.

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Florian Maier

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