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Georgia Maria – Thunderbolt

The new release of UK based rock artist Georgia Maria knows how to impress with a handcrafted drive that will rip you out of your seat in seconds. Being a defiant tale of reincarnation, the track uses a solid energetic backing that’s made exactly how it always should be – with good old rock instruments.

The drums are guiding the guitars and the bass steadily through an atmosphere filled with energy and drive. And this atmosphere is a perfect base for the vocals of Georgia Maria. The track draws its core power from the vocals, which contain a balanced amount of kickass and edgy wisdom. I need you to listen closely to those vocals. Hear this? It’s called heart & soul, folks. You cannot fake the passion that’s woven in between the sung notes. This is nothing less than lived oldschool rock.

And it’s exactly this accessible and powerful vibe that makes “Thunderbolt” a rare gem. The authenticity connects the listener instantly with the vibe. At this honest core is found in the other tracks of Georgia Maria as well, be it the more emotional yet still powerful “An Indian Summer“, or one of her early works called “Musketeers“, there’s always a huge amount of emotion, passion and drive present, with a slight undertone of voices from the past. I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely in love with this special blend.

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