Catch Your Breath – Dial Tone

Building a mysterious dense atmosphere with a tight rhythm along reverbed synth textures, the new release from American metalcore band Catch Your Breath contains an intense amount of emotion. While the unique mix of synth soundscaping elements along a classic guitar-based rock core creates a signature styled atmospheric environment, it’s the desperate undertone of the vocals giving the tune its intensity.

With “Dial Tone” being about never being able to get that closure from someone you loved, it perfectly pictures the desperation and all those unanswered questions. There’s a certain mood woven into the tune I can only describe as a ‘restless drive’. It feels exactly like the emotions you’re flooded with when someone just walks away from you without ever clarifying why.

And this probably is the secret ingredient of the tune. It’s the relatable core. Whoever was on the receiving end of this scenario knows how it feels. And will instantly connect to the melancholic intensity that is wrapped into a driving rock theme, telling nothing but the truth about how no words at all can hurt WAY more than just ending things the right way.

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