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Hey guys,
after several struggles with Spotify deleting my playlists for what they call a “violation of Terms and Conditions of Use”, I’ve decided to give up on curating playlists for now, mostly for two reasons:

  1. Spotify isn’t a healthy ecosystem for indie artists anyway. With an average payout of $ 0.004 per stream for the artist, it makes no sense for me promoting over Spotify playlists anymore. I’ll leave this type of promotion to professional agencies instead. Small outlets like the kms blog won’t push the needle in any direction anyway.
  2. I’m not really a playlister, plus I am sick of playlists being taken down just like that. This is not how to treat a paying customer in my opinion. At least they should have the decency to open communication instead of giving me the facts over a no-reply@ email address. And while I know I can open tickets and whatnot, it eats up a lot of time I’d rather spend on writing reviews or doing interviews. Numbers showed that you weren’t here for the playlists anyway, but for the words.

So, for now I’m giving up on my playlists on spotify, focusing on promoting the songs over other platforms instead. Whatever streaming platform the musicians are on, I’ll prefer those links in the future (mainly Soundcloud). I will, however, use a Spotify link in my reviews if the submitters don’t provide any other outlet. Plus I will include their spotify artist links if provided. Let me know if you have any questions.

Take care,

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