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The Jupiter Effect – Give Them Rules

The Jupiter Effect is back, and this time they brought a dark driver that cuts through the darkness with a relentless energy happening in an intense environment.

There’s a special vibe built into this tune. Maybe its the honest and edgy drums, maybe it’s the powerful vocals, maybe it’s the sophisticated bass line, or the unforgiving brick of guitar sound. In my opinion, it’s the unique blend of all those elements. Being written out of both the standpoints of the ruling class and the indivdual striving for personal liberation, this track not only builds an uncomfortable atmosphere which feels like you’re walking through trust-no-one-land, it also transmits a certain ‘alerted’ state that keeps the listener under constant tension.

As some of you may know, I’m a fan of this certain chemistry happening when the right people found their way to form a band. If you ask me, this is exactly what happened with the guys of The Jupiter Effect. Creative minds thinking alike, being able to spread the message as one, and doing it in the purest form of honest handmade rock.

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