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Kelp Monkey – As I Did Not Know (Live)

You gotta love the honest and no-shenanigans approach of this release. In an intimate session-styled guitar and vocals setting, “As I Did Not Know” knows how to affect heart and soul with soft relatable vocals, serious lyrical content and its secret ingredient I’d like to call “core vulnerability”.

There are tons of songs to find out there, trying to reach out for heart and soul. Some of them pick hard topics, some of them try to “force” emotion into you with special effects, or the usage of dense pictures. But with the works of Kelp Monkey, it’s not like that. As the guitar melodies lay down a pattern just enough to accompany the voice, the stage is all set for storytelling that comes from the heart. You just can hear it.

And THAT’s what counts, folks. The more an artist puts his or her own feelings into the tune, the more effective it gets. That being said, you gotta agree with me that this tune is the real deal. Nothing distracts from the unfiltered emotion of Jacey Beaucage, one half of the duo known as Kelp Monkey. And as he offers the story with an exposed melancholic yet faithful vibe, the video is leaving this fragile mood intact by merely serving as a defensive spotter. All in all, it’s this fine-balanced mixture of emotion, music and pictures that fascinates me with this tune.

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