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Anindya Mukherjee – You

What drew me to the new release of Indian singer/songwriter and composer Anindya Mukherjee was its stripped down honesty. The track relies mainly on an alive piano-based atmosphere and emotional straightforward vocals. You got to love the simple concept of “You”.

In a slight reverbed setting, the vocals tell their love story, creating an ode to a special someone that instantly connects with the listener’s heart. Just take a moment and think about your first love. Do you remember this butterfly feeling, when all problems didn’t have any weight anymore, where colours seemed more intense and colorful, and when you couldn’t stop thinking about that special someone? This tune pretty much pictures this emotional state of mind for me. Moreso, it acknowledges the intense connection once the first love stage has worn off, giving the tune a signature styled wise and adult undertone.

In these crazy hectic and confusing world, it’s music like this that helps me calming down. That helps me get my thoughts in order, and rely on my feelings again. “You” offers a safe haven for letting your thoughts wander, and it fills the room with accessible truthful vocals to let you feel the intentions of the artist.

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