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MOA – El Dorado

With a slightly distorted synth base and a driving, almost pulsating rhythm set, the new release of German singer/songwriter MOA knows how to create a unique mysterious atmosphere. Enriched with dark-ish undertones and a relentless drive, the tune brings something to the table I’d like to call “young future pop”. The crystalline relaxed vocals create a captivating vibe that feels both like the beginning of an adventure, and the description of what could be.

And it’s exactly this vibe that fascinates me with this tune. Describing pictures of creating a new prefect world that will be destroyed by the same old mistakes eventually, the track puts a finger on the wound of society. It’s this special form of social criticism along the tension of the main theme that gives “El Dorado” its sophisticated aura. Presented in this way, it’s a tune that both contains a perfectly leveled mix of groove and wisdom.

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