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The Mars McClanes – The Worriers

You gotta love the wisdom woven into the new release of Portland based The Mars McClanes. With the story being told in this signature relaxed and honest fashion, the track is completed by this ultra-sophisticated bass line, giving the track an energetic core, and something I’d like to call a ‘hidden drive’. There’s this youthful push happening, although the track itself delivers in a very chilled fashion, with an almost surfer-ish vibe present. There you have it, folks: THIS is how to create a signature style that’s recognized out there.

Reuniting after ups and downs provided by life, the Mars McClanes created a laid back tune that revolves around being too cautious in life. And that’s the secret ingredient of “The Worriers”. It’s the handcrafted quite deep meaning, presented in this lightweight melodic fashion that just blends ‘easygoing’ and ‘overthinking’ to an awesome carefree cocktail of life.

The song reminds me to not overthink everything. To just go for it once in a while. While there’s nothing wrong to take care and to think about certain things or situations, we all shouldn’t be residents in the Worriers’ block. And while the bassy drive and the honest calm vocals remind me of this important fact of life, the tune has this certain cool flavour attached, making me put on my best smile and my sunglasses at night. As we all should every now and then.

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