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Danni Nicholls – Little Fictions

I’m seriously blown away by the new release of London based singer/songwriter Danni Nicholls. It’s not because she created a beautiful and powerful ballad. It’s because she somehow managed to put so much intensity in it, that the track in my opinion is the most uplifting anthem for all those out there who fight with doubt and uncertainty.

The track takes its time. A defensive melodic backing done by soft strings and a guitar sets the tone for those soulful honest vocals that change their emotional output seamlessly between vulnerable, beaten down and (heart)broken, and uplifting, serious, straightforward and confident. And while they do that, the backing develops slowly into a powerful ballad. It does almost unnoticed, because the listener will hang onto every note of those addictive vocals.

We all are trying to follow the path we chose. And as we do, there are rocky roads, and there are times when all we want to do is roll up, cry and hide. As the highs are part of life, so are the lows – and often times it seems that there are way more lows than highs. If you ever saw this a similar way, you are exactly the listener to whom “Little Fictions” will speak. This track reminds us in the most beautiful way that it’s okay to encounter problems, that we all will fight through obstacles eventually, and that there will be sunlight after the rain. Self-doubting is a natural side effect of problems, and I love the fact that the track takes you by the hand like a dear friend, showing you how to get rid of all the self-doubt and insecurities.

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