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Sea Girls – DNA

I don’t really know why this Sea Girls track triggers a special kind of vintage melancholy, but I guess it’s this unique approach. With a certain feel, somewhere in between retro synth and alternative rock, the track creates this lost void groove, that contains both energy and vulnerable melancholy at the same time.

Once again, it’s this precious mix of extraordinary elements that makes this a Sea Girls original. The calm approach builds tension just with the power of the vocals floating in this oddworld-ish scenery. Where an edgy rhythm set meets blurry synths, you’re in Sea Girls town. This certain laid back appearance gives the tune an almost ghostly undertone. You gotta love the natural transmission in which the emotion finds its way.

“DNA” is yet another bullseye release. While other bands out there are searching to find their style and mojo, the British guitar band has already found it. You just can hear and feel this well refined chemistry happening there. We have seen and heard nothing yet. So, lean back and enjoy the ride!

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