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Kid Travis – by the way

There’s something very special about the new release of American singer/songwriter/producer Kid Travis. The track is connected to this special energetic emotional core that feels both uplifting and driving, yet without ever being dominant, or too demanding. A relaxed rhythm set along a laid back bass builds the foundation of this wide-roomed scenery in which the vocals shine like a diamond. Telling the story in a relatable and mellow fashion, these vocals are triggering feelings big time. Bringing vintage-styled groove textures to the table, they complete the storytelling in a really well-rounded way, and in an impressive tone range.

I love the soulful groove of “by the way”. Creating this unique summer-ish vibe, the tune has the ability to both make you move and sing along. Being this signature-styled multitalent, the tune is meant to be played for almost every occasion, be it at a beach bar at sunset or the relaxing post-workout session. And if you can’t get enough of this soulful warm and lush groove, I recommend listening to other tracks of Kid Travis, like the soul-soaked “Yummy”, or the road-trip-ish uplifting “Violets”. But be careful, this sound is addictive!

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