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Becca Rogers – 123 (Feat. Joe Bills)

The new release of Washington DC based multitalent Becca Rogers spreads a very warm beachclub-ish vibe. The sound creates a very soft and emotional atmosphere with a very unobtrusive rhythm set. While the synths take care of the warm and slick texture, those roomy extras give the track an almost majestic aura. This scenery is perfect for the soulful vocals, telling the story in a defensive and relatable way.

Essentially being about love at first sight, the track holds a steady balance between playful dance vibe and emotional lyrical moodset. And it’s exactly this balance that fascinates me with “123”. The tune is not a sobbing love tune, nor is it a flat dance tune, it replicates the exact moodset of every boy and girl out there who’s helplessly in love. And it does so with soft and warm well-blended elements that make you move and remember how you felt back then when it hit you.

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