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Highscore – Sugar Tips

This one is loaded with a feelgood groove from the past. Transmitting disco vibes in a retro setting for both audio and video, the tune gets you moving in a straightforward vintage style.

I mean, just check out this lush groove. Backed by a crisp and genre-specific beat, the backing injects this sparkling disco-ish textures which are the perfect stage for those soulful vocals. But what I love most about “Sugar Tips” is the fun it was created with. This tune is one positive uplifting fun ride from start to finish. Being about about meeting someone new and going through the early talking stages before really getting to know each other, the track induces this all-time high energy present when meeting someone new. The drive of the tune is just like the kick you’re getting from such a new situation.

The guys of Highscore are giants when it comes to transmitting moods. Checking out their other works like the lush and sexy groove “Contagious” , or the electro extravaganza “Blame”, it’s clear to me that this emotional retro groove is part of their DNA.

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