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Jonathan Sparks – Run Away

This is an atmosphere to fall in love with instantly. With a beaten down and almost mysterious vibe, the track feels relaxed and has this unique wise undertone. The melodies feel like sun-tanned leather, the story feels older than time, and the vibe feels like a really expensive whiskey.

With the vocals of Sparks, the track gets a special kind of majestic aura. Having this smirking ‘been there, done that’ moodset, the vocals tell their story along a lush groove and rich guitar textures, backed by a sophisticated bass line. I love that all the single elements are forming this natural feel perfect for telling the story.

Being a story of a man grappling with who he is and who he wants to be, most of us might know this feeling all too well. We all got our secrets. We all find ourselves running away from something. The past. The present. The future. Running away to find distraction from all the problems we’re facing. And “Run Away” pictures this special kind of feel perfectly. This is a musical look in the mirror, a melodic meet-n-greet with an old partner in crime.

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