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Melany Thompson – All For You

With a stunning amount of soft emotion, the new release of composer/pianist Melany Thompson fills the air with a lighthearted warm vibe. Starting with a calm and relaxed piano intro, the track evolves into a passionate powerhouse, so to speak. For me, the track feels like arriving at your destination after the longest of all journeys. With the goal finally in sight, as you realize you’re there, the track releases one layer of passion and emotion after another.

And that’s what I love most about “All For You”. It’s the intense emotion woven into the tune. The piano along the silky strings create one layer of mood after another, and as the song goes on, these layers are presented to the listener in a gentle way, not ever being too demanding or too straightforward.

Being dedicated to her parents, I think the track offers a glimpse of all the gratefulness she feels. To stick with the journey picture from before, this tune could as well be seen as the proof that what our parents did, led to us all to finaly arriving in life. At peace, safe and thankful for everything that was given to us.

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