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SiBuS – Behind These Walls

You gotta love this dark, melancholic vibe happening in the opening track of the 2022 released album “Becoming Something Else”. With a special blend of driving guitars along energetic drums, the story is told by emotional vocals containing a unique desperate undertone. With this outstanding moodset, “Behind These Walls” builds a dark anthem for those searching for the truth.

The track won’t give you one second to catch your breath. Starting with a driving base, the track keeps a steady pace, backed by full and well-rounded guitar chords and exciting drum patterns. Throughout the whole track, there’s this special chemistry happening. The single members give room to shine when needed, and they work together as a well-oiled machine from first note to last. And in my opinion, this special bond and understanding is the secret ingredient making SiBuS an awesome band. You can feel that they all are equal parts of the complex puzzle named band.

Listening to several other tracks of the album, I found out that there are even more gems hidden in the tracks, be it female vocals filled with emotion to an unreal level, unexpected growls, or even quieter melancholic ballads. Those guys are not bound to just one kickass output, but they use the whole palette within their genre.

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