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CloudyaH – Slowly Lets Go

Think about a beautiful blooming sunflower. Hard to imagine that this beautiful flower once was a small seed that developed into such a perfect aesthetic object, isn’t it. Yet it did, and it did all by itself. Everything was there already, all the plant needed was soil, sun, and water.
You might wonder why I talk about flowers instead of music. Well, it’s because this is a perfect picture to describe the evolution of the newest release of singer/songwriter and multi-intrumentalist Claudia Heidegger, better known as CloudyaH. The outstanding multitalent from Vienna did everything by herself with this mesmerizing waltz. She was the recording, mixing, and singing seed of the tune, and from there on, the track evolved into a flawless beauty.

Doing everything on her own is a stunning accomplishment, yet what really grabbed my attention was the way in which she created “Slowly Lets Go”. While playful guitar melodies create a light emotional atmosphere, with plucked highlights floating through the air like butterflies, the stage is set for those addictive vocals to tell the story. You gotta love the fine-nuanced and almost shy way in which the lyrics are transmitted while walking a fine line between melancholy and uplifting positivity.

Overall, this tune contains so much emotion and passion that it feels like a theatrical play for your imagination. It creates a safe haven for your thoughts, and it reminds you that you choose your own pace in life. No one else does.

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