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gleek – Sylvia

The new release of Canadian singer/songwriter feels like the musical texture of another dimension. From the first seconds on I was fascinated by the mixture of soft emotional vocals, floating ethereal synth patterns, and electro pop rhythm sets. The track shifts seamlessly between angelic defensive fragility and almost sassy confident chin-raising vibes.

Listening to the tune, with all its glamorous elements and unique moodset-building components, feels like taking a walk through your mind. Trying to sort out all the thoughts rotating in there, you’ll find any nuance from melancholic to energetic. Sometimes the whole concept feels odd and opposing, but that’s intended and, once you got used to, it feels even natural.

And that’s the secret ingredient of the song in my opinion. It’s this swirl of emotional textures taking you on a short but sweet ride. gleek created a genre-and-mood-defying tune that has no problems sounding quite cathedral-ish while delivering it’s electro pop message. You gotta love this special blend of “Sylvia”.

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