Michael Wilford – Esraela

The new release of Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Wilford is an exciting groove-packed love story that’s giftwrapped in addictive soft melodies and intriguing soulful vocals.

What’s really noticeable about this tune is this handmade honesty. With a soft yet energetic backing, the track creates an atmosphere that feels familiar and warm, offering the vocals a perfect place to tell the story in a very lush yet still effective way. (Think about spotlight focus in a medium sized dark bar.) The track contains this swingy undertone that feels almost vintage-flavored, yet being transposed into the present. And besides those relatable emotional vocals, it’s exactly this unique mix of retro and modern flavors that lets this tune stand out.

Michael Wilford is a force to be reckoned with in the musical landscape out there. “Esraela” has this certain ingredient. It’s a sing- and dance-along tune that sticks to your head immediately, and you just can hear all the work that went into this song. And his others as well, listening to the dark-souled ballad “Rattle My Bones” and the hard-hitting “Scotch” I realized that there’s this intense signature style present in all of his songs already. He’s not searching for the proper style. He is the leader of his own style.

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