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Meghan Praught – Better Off Before

Listen to the amount of emotion and soul in this tune. The new release of Canadian singer/songwriter Meghan Praught floods the room with an intense amount of feelings. Backed by a defensive piano and bass construct, the vocals feel so vulnerable and vulnerable at first. As the song progresses, there’s a build of a certain confidence, giving the track self-assurance and drive in the process.

And that’s what fascinates me with “Better Of Before”. Revolving around a complicated relationship, the tune describes every stage to find in said relationship perfectly. Theres heartbroken vulnerability, there’s desperate unfiltered emotion released, and there are these characteristic back-and-fourth seeds of doubt, gift-wrapped in an awesome melodic ballad that aims for nothing less than the heart.

It’s tunes like this one that give us the opportunity to feel. Tunes that remind us that we all are humans with the same feelings, with the same emotions and the same passion. And presented in this intense fashion, with vocals to fall instantly in love with, this track is created to stay in our heads for a long time.

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