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Shaan Kambli – Valentine In A Pint

You gotta love the unreal amount of emotion transmitted through the vocals of Shaan Kambli’s new release “Valentine In A Pint”. While these soulful vocals transmit the story in a very defensive and soft way, the electro pop atmosphere is slowly build by the backing elements. I love the way this is done. Nothing is rushed, everything takes its time. What starts quite minimal, evolves into a well rounded warm atmosphere with a groovy twist.

And then there’s the extras coming with the track. The unexpected high energy chorus parts. The falsetto vocal parts. The energetic tension build through rhythm changes and hard hitting drums. The emphasizing on single parts which shifts the momentum from here to there in an instant. This tune surprised me on several levels, and that’s what makes it so irresistible for me.

In a way, listening to the sound felt like a stroll through nighttime city life. Starting calm yet always in motion, there are several stages the sound goes through, taking the listener on an unforgettable trip through sound.

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