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crewneck – Nostalgia Bomb

Feel that? Of course, there’s this soft groove happening… but there’s something else attached to the new tune of Austin based singer/songwriter Elliott Dean, better known as crewneck. Something emotional and honest.

With a certain relaxed base moodset that cannot really be called “melancholic”, the vocals are perfectly at home in this unique ‘retroelectrock’ scenario created by the backing. I love the fact that the tune uses several genre-spanning elements to create a new genre in the process. While the electro pop part mainly is in charge of the rhythmic aspect of the track, and with the vocals taking care of the emotion, there are several melodic components that build tension and excitement to give the track a sophisticated well-rounded vibe.

Being about obsession with the past, and letting go of things that hold us back, the track has this unique storytelling aspect in both lyrics and melodies, to present the floating state we’re in after all. I think it’s a skilled move to merge and blend styles, because in the end, that is what music is about. We don’t need tracks that fit one single scheme or template, nor do we need only synchronized opinions and preferences. That’s not what makes us humans. And while crewneck calls us on this fact, he does it in a very lightweight, natural way, giftwrapped with a smile.

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