MP Grey – The Night Won’t Be Over

This ode to nightlife is the next release of producer MP Grey, who is firing away on all cylinders lately while defying any genre boundaries. You gotta love the curiosity in which he creates tunes. There’s not really just one signature approach of his songs, you never know what will be next.

This time, he chose an energetic anthem that keeps very relaxed, yet has a lot of sparkling energy in form of a steady drive, synth stabs and soulful vocals. And these ingredients altogether form not a mindless banger, but a steady love letter to one of these perfect nights we all know. You know, the ones you cannot plan. Those that usually happen when you least expect it.

With a balanced mix of crisp percussive elements, a warm synth melody, rich textured vocals and vocal one-shots, the tune feels like a well-rounded cocktail you ordered while experiencing one of those nights which will stick to your memory probably for forever. And as in previous releases of MP Grey, you’ll find this signature amount of life experience in “The Night Won’t Be Over” as well. Only if you know what you’re talking about, only if you lived through what your music is about, your able to transmit this exact feel in your music. In the end, it’s exactly this truth that makes tunes like this so credible.

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