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Lottie Zttarr – Revealing

You gotta dim the lights for the new release of London based singer/songwriter Lottie Zttarr. This tune is happening in a crystalline scenario which is build by a very defensive synth backing. And while this creates a very lightweight scenario, it also adds a very vulnerable core feel at the same time.

The backing feels warm and dreamy, giving the vocals enough space to exist in this scenery with a signature vulnerable approach. Blended with a certain ‘shy’ vibe, those vocals have this certain introverted undertone. Floating in this analogue warmth, the tune feels like the stage you enter when you are starting to dream. It’s this peaceful moment where everything feels soft and glowing.

For me, the meaning of the tune has two different approaches. One being this shy vibe that indicates that you don’t always have to hide anything from the outside world. And the other is the curiosity that lies in everyone of us. You know, this certain curiosity to learn more about whats going on in others. These two are essentially the building blocks of any relationships between two humans.

And those two different building blocks are transported by this lush dreamy vibe of “Revealing” at the same time. I love the relaxed method the track uses. Nothing is rushed. The words and sounds sink in like cocktail juice that is slowly heading towards the bottom of the glass. The tune is a master in transmitting this ultra-slow realization of curiosity and confidence.

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