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Fever Joy – Done Dreaming

Awesome rhythm. Awesome music. Awesome vocals. There’s not much to find that’s NOT awesome in the newest track of LA based Avery Robitaille and Sean Baker, better known as “Fever Joy”.

The last time I heard an addictive whistling them like this, it was while watching the movie “Kill Bill” a couple of years ago. It was about time I got a new song to keep in mind. And finally I have an awesome song to replace that tune from back then.

Spoiler alert: Avery Robitaille, the voice of Fever Joy,¬† has an awesome ability to hypnotize you with her vocals. Along a groovy rhythm and some guitar/bass/synth backing, she brings a special kind of signature tune to the table. It’s somewhere in between enchanting, sexy, soulful and haunting, all at the same time. At this time, the lyrics of the song are totally secondary, because she could be singing the menu of a chinese restaurant to me, I’d listen in silence (and probably helplessly in love) anyway. The music backing tracks do their¬†part to lift this track on my top shelf of “hell yeah” tunes. Imagine a middle-aged guy with sunglasses, driving his family car downtown through heavy traffic, with an evil grin on his face while slowly moving his head to the rhythm. Yep. That would be me, listening to “Done Dreaming”. I know it’s midnight officer, but sorry – can’t remove the sunglasses while this song is playing.

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Florian Maier

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