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Cindy-Louise – Rescue Me

The new release of singer/songwriter Cindy-Louise contains a unique mix of soul and electro. Until today, I didn’t know that these genres and their elements could be blended in a way that is this emotional while at the same time groove-loaded.

While the signature-styled fine-nuanced vocals tell the story of the track in a wide range of feelable facettes, from fragile and vulnerable to dominant and confident, the backing creates an atmosphere that shows both a minimal crystalline texture, and a synth-based relaxed drive. The South African-born, Netherland-based artist transmits the message with an equal weight of both feel and groove, and this is what makes “Rescue Me” so irresistible. Telling about the hazards the younger generation has to deal with while on the constant hunt for social acceptance, it’s this fine-balanced weight of topic, groove and emotion, which is gift-wrapped with this defensive yet ultra-effective dark-ish pop-vibe.

Being a creative mind, Cindy-Louise defies boundaries. (Her not ‘just’ being a musician but also a fashion-blogger is only one example that proves this statement.) Within this catchy tune, she tells her message more like a poet than a musican in my opinion. This is groove with meaning. To quote her own words about her song: “Let us save the children of tomorrow by trying to be better and lead by a good example.”

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