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Just Honest – Heavy

While you gotta love the danceable, soft pop, vocal-chopped, disco-grooved approach of the newest release of Just Honest, there’s so much more meaning to find in “Heavy”. With an intense message connected to this ‘Overthinkers anthem’ (as the artist calls it), the track not only has a unique shining bright positive aura blended with a certain melancholy, it also stands out because it’s not just your daily fire-and-forget happy tune.

The world is a crazy place, isn’t it? Nowadays, on literally every corner there are messages, hints, thoughts, feelings, topics, relations – all of it making you dizzy if you’re not able to sort things but trying to make sense of it. And what I learned about Just Honest so far is the fact that deep thoughts are part of the DNA of the outstanding talent.

And in my opinion that’s the secret ingredient of the music, it’s fluent in the deepest sense of the word. “Heavy” is merely a snapshot of what happens in the soul of all of us, when we allow ourselves to self-reflect, and to feel what happens within us. The most beautiful thing that this tune does is to lift up anyone that gets depressive or overly melancholic. Yet it does so with an understanding ‘been there’-approach rather than just giving us listeners a ‘now, this isn’t so bad, is it’-smile. If this track was a wine, it would be a very well-aged one with no price tag on it, because it’s not meant to be sold, it’s meant to be offered to those who truly appreciate it.

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