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Bass Astral x Igo – Feeling Exactly

Alright, so the drummer in me started to groove along within the first four bars of this softly driving electro tune. With an energetic approach that never feels too pushy or dominant, the new release of Bass Astral and Igo has a certain ‘wise’ groove attached that contains an irresistible amount of muscle motion.

The used vocals feel both ever-knowing and playful, and they do their thing in a melodic playful environment that is filled with soft chord progessions, atmospheric synth textures and an unobtrusive rhythm. But the secret ingredient is how the unique melodic components happening throughout the song are woven seamlessly into each other. “Feeling Exactly” has this creamy feeling of a melodic soup that is stirred and blended constantly, and in the process it won’t ever get too linear.

This track feels minimal, yet is constructed the opposite. It’s this certain magic of not overloading a tune with banging components that rather “push” the listener which fascinates me. The track feels like a understanding door opener to this relaxed state of mind, and it creates a playful atmosphere you can just float in, not forcing you to do anything else than groove along.

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