Crzy Horse – Liketure

It doesn’t happen that often that a dance song is able to deal with a serious topic AND make you move at the same time. “Liketure” is a shining beacon on how to do exactly that.

Australian born groove alchemist known as Crzy Horse created a wholesome warm synth atmosphere that feels as it if was in constant soft motion. That is, of course until the main theme arrives. From there, it’s an addictive dance theme that will make you move no matter what. With floating arpeggiated melodies in a reverbed exciting atmosphere, the vocals put the spotlight on today’s role of social media and the double-sided sword of connecting with people on one hand and the constant hunt for acceptance and likes on the other.

One of the most interesting facts about “Liketure” is that the atmosphere created by the synth constructs perfectly pictures this torn feeling between highs, lows, and the relentless drive for more. The setting puts the listener in several states, from happy to driven, to hunted, riding waves of groove in the process. This happens seamlessly, and it proves the thoughtfulness of the charismatic performer/producer Crzy Horse. It’s not just about putting a mindless banger out there, it’s about creating something that sticks to your head. Something that is remembered because of its complex nature. And this tune, folks, is something that is remembered by both your mind and your muscle memory for a long time.

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