Luna Keller – Wanderer

The newest track of singer/songwriter Luna Keller is an awesome gentle loveletter to what lies behind, with a promise to remember and cherish all of it while looking foward into the future.

Hear that? You can hear how close this track is to the heart and soul of Keller. With an unreal amount of intimate sparkling emotional nuances, the thoughts fly through the nightsky like fireflies searching for a new home. What has a melancholic base, also embraces a positive feeling about the path that lies in front of us. With a soft and understanding guitar based backing, the track builds a safe zone for the vocals, which have this unique prudent and mature texture, perfect for transmitting a ballad that spans a whole lifetime of experience, at least so it seems.

I love that this track is able to transmit this very special wisdom. Cherish what has been, embrace what will come. Live fully, feel every moment, and don’t look back with regrets. I learned from “Wanderer” that all those elements forming our lives are rare and precious.

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