Mark Winters – Boundary Layer

The world out there tells us constantly where our boundaries and limits are, right? Growing up, you face all the do’s and don’ts, the can and cannots of life, and it’s an important lessons to learn. But even later on in life, you’ll face a lot of those out there who will tell you what you can or cannot do. While this is a part of life, Mark Winter’s new release shows you that some of those boundaries might be artifically set, probably even by yourself.

With a positive and optimistic mindset, “Boundary Layer” is created with what I’d like to call ‘smiling wisdom’. It’s this special kind of advice that is presented with a positive vibe, with honest and heartfelt vocals along a clear and melodic backing. The track does deliver in a relaxed, almost americana kind of style, feeling authentic and warm in the process. Done in this laid back friendly style, the tune is set as a reminder that some of those restrictions we face are meant to be crushed. We can eventually grow beyond what we thought were our boundaries.

And it’s this positive vibe that fascinates me with this tune. It’s an unbendable optimistic view on life I wish all of us had more of. This bright approach might convert some of us into believers in ourselves. In times like these, it’s tunes like these that restore my faith in humanity. When times are dark and rough, this is a reminder that there will be light again soon. And it starts in our own mind.

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