Katie O’Malley – Taste the Dirt

Hear that? Better yet, feel that? There’s this high amount of drive present in the new release of UK based singer/songwriter Katie O’Malley. If I didn’t know the origin of this tune, I would have placed it on the countryside US map, not the UK. That’s the first thing that raised an eyebrow.

And these vocals are the second eyebrow raiser. I instantly fell in love with the voice of O’Malley. It transmits an eccentric vibe filled with wisdom, tamed rebellion, and a certain sassy seen-it-all attitude. And this unique mix is embedded in a retro-flavored, yet also modern atmosphere filled with relaxed guitars and a methodical driven rhythm. “Taste the Dirt” isn’t just filling the room with melodies, it creates a living and breathing room where the listener can feel the rocky road of life as a first-hand experience.

In music, for me it’s all about telling a story. And while this happens in very different shapes and forms, this tune manages to do so in a very honest and no-shenanigans fashion. If this track was a drink you could order from the bartender, you would ask for a “O’Malley Truth”, the card would describe it as “a taste of the essence of music. Well aged experience-flavored wisdom.”
Make that a double, please.

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