Swedish singer/songwriter VOCAL LONER not only managed to release a melodic masterpiece with “1976”. There’s also a unique honesty and wisdom connected to the tune, which feels loaded with lessons learned the hard way. Due to this signature honesty, the track holds a balance between fragility and the knowledge of a tragic love story.

In a slow and almost methodical atmospheric setting, the tune creates a very unique feel I’d like to name ‘uplifting melancholy’. The story is told with an uncommon core sadness, yet also enriched with a certain positive component, as if the message of the tune was “hey, at least there’s a moral to the story, right?”.

I love the fact that there’s tension rising throughout the song without making the tension too energetic. With defensively added blended components, the track steadily builds the scenery. Telling the story about a tragic relationship that sees the rise and downfall of an emotional connection, this tune acknowledges the situation without pointing the finger nor getting morally judging.

And although there are enough situations described that hit where it really hurts, it’s this special not-stoic-but-understanding base vibe that makes this track the gem it is. You can get lost in the soft melodies while at the same time clearly feeling the emotional intention. All thanks to the defensive backing along these awesome vocals.

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