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Shae Brock – The Canyon

Being a nostalgic tune about a love that faded away, the new release of singer/songwriter Shae Brock contains a secret ingredient that aims for the heart and soul. With an unreal amount of soul and emotion, the track builds a safe haven for your soul to get lost in vocal textures that tell the story in a straightforward yet not too melancholic way.

With a minimal but effective guitar based setting, the stage is set for the soft and relatable voice of Brock. When harmonized, the vocals transmit something really unique, it feels like these memories that hit you unexpectedly when you pass by a place you used to hang when you were young. There’s just something special attached to the tune. It’s a unique mix of feelings, delivered with a soothing and almost vulnerable undertone. And all of this is wrapped in an atmosphere that is made of an almost vintage-textured moodset.

For me, the tune tells its story being at peace with the past. Recognizing that there’s nothing that can be done about what once happened, the track is a look into the past, connected to a signature type of ‘lessons learned’ vibe. And this lesson is to not waste a second the next time life is offering a chance like this.

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