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Hanna Searl – How Could You Be Ok?

In a perfectly balanced fragile atmosphere, LA based singer/songwriter Hanna Searl has a simple question: how could you be okay?

With a minimal backing setting, the vocals of Searl are shining like a diamond in her newest release. The soft electro pop song is about completely falling apart while you watch someone else be completely OK. Since this track transmits a huge amount of feeling, I found myself being somewhat affected by the message, simply because the vocals transmit that charge so perfectly. I feel that this track contains the exact right amount of elements to get the message through. There are no uncommon effect chains present, there are no unnecessary backing tracks or hectic percussion hits going on. Songs like this one prove that it’s not quantity that counts, it’s quality.

It’s awesome in my opinion if an artist is able to make you feel something with his/her music, and in this case, I found myself feeling part sad, part guilty and part in love with these vocals. And for the regular visitors of the blog this is old news: If your music is able to trigger all that within one song, I’m a fan.

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Florian Maier

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