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Skyelar – Moon Dogs

Dutch singer/songwriter/producer Jaklien Verham is back. And she starts the new year with an awesome amount of emotion, passion and atmospheric creativity.

One thing that stands out in her new release “Moon Dogs” is the ability of the tune to create a wholesome atmosphere. As I was listening to the song, the music created a mysterious dark environment that contains enough light to guide me through this unknown territory. Also, there’s this emotional warmth present, that makes the journey not frightening but exciting, containing a certain almost retro-flavoured undertone. With processed vocal one shots, strings and a driving rhythm section, the track gains energy as it progresses.

The intense eruption of energy and emotion towards the end of the tune is another highlight of the track. What starts calm and almost defensive, releases intensity like a solar flare, with the sound feeling free and peaceful. It’s like the end of the story that also forms a new beginning, and like so often in life, it’s an positive ending that everybody is longing for. Standing for an unbreakable light that shines on a relationship, it’s this exact feeling we want to establish and hold onto in every of our relationships.

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