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It’s Shme – House of Joy

You gotta love the amount of energy and drive this track is transmitting. “House of Joy” feels like a supercharger for your mental batteries. Containing soft and silky synths along a steady slow pulsating rhythm, the tune doesn’t just build energy and momentum, it IS energy and momentum. Along the methodical almost hypnotic trance-textured backing melodies, there’s a sparkling main melody present which adds this exciting and adventurous “let’s go” vibe to the scene.

Have you ever done a workout with a friend, and you reached this point where you were about to give up? Well, this tune is your friend that pep talks you into breaking your record. Into doing another set. This groove is the motor that will keep you running until YOU decide to stop. And although the track seems perfect to go on any workout playlist out there from cardio to weight training, it doesn’t just stop there. The motor I talked about can also be your motivation to get up and give your best at work, it lifts you off the ground when you’re feeling low, and it let’s you get things done the right way.

Persian American mastermind Shme knows how to motivate through sound. This release contains a mysterious and playful passion, and it serves as a catalyst to trigger this exact same passion in the listener. If you doubt what I’m saying is correct, put on those headphones, crank up the volume and tell me this: didn’t you just feel the need to move or get something done? There you go.

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