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Big in Borneo – Control

For some reason, the new release of London based Michael Pybus aka Big in Borneo holds a very unique addictive component. And it’s not just one specific single component of the track, for me it’s the overall moodset of the tune that sticks to your mind instantly. Having this signature, almost hypnotic groove attached, the track gently pulls you deeper down below as it progresses.

With a pulsating sub bass and those calm intense vocals, the tune opens with a dark and mysterious setting. You gotta love these sparkling arp melodies along the slow swelling percussive elements, until the track picks up speed, instantly injecting this tight groove into the atmosphere.

Yet instead of swelling to an anthemic banger, the track somehow develops a soul all of a sudden. With female vocals one shots and melancholic strings, the track holds a fine balance between soulful melody and kickass drive. The methodical and calm base setting amidst those one-shot forest-like audio elements in the track develop an outstanding journey vibe, as if the listener was not only listening to, but also “walking through” the track.

I love when a track manages to abduct me into unknown territory. It doesn’t really matter what genre, yet once the tune is able to create a world of its own, waiting to be explored – THAT’S what makes me an instant fan. And that’s why “Control” is such a great track. The story happens in a well-rounded, complete environment. It contains drive, groove, energy, emotion, passion, and soul. The non-linear stages of the track are connected to a scenario that’s filled with life. This isn’t just another electro track. It’s an awesome storyteller.

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