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Raynald Grenier – Nostalgia

In a soft environment, the new release of Canadian composer Raynald Grenier builds a refreshing and wholesome scene. With soft melodies that feel understanding and genuine, the melodies are created like water flowing down a gentle stream. Accompanied by classical wind instruments, you’ll find strings that build tension and excitement as the stream gets faster and bigger, until the tune leads to a peaceful and fulfilling relaxed ending, as if the stream finally reached the ocean, being united with majestic open water.

Maybe I was guided by the artwork when choosing the pictures to describe “Nostalgia”. Yet if you change the setting, it’s also a journey through feelings. This tune is where grief and sorrow slowly build their way into energetic tension and intensity, just to calm down in the end. The most intriguing fact is that there’s also this playful element woven into the tune, which gives the theme a lightweight and relatable component.

Overall, this track is an awesome storyteller. Listening closely, this track can be transformed in an array of moodsets and atmospheres, coming to a conciliatory conclusion, being at peace with everything. For me personally, this track shows that whatever life has in store for you, in the end, everything will be alright.

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