This Week

This Week: 2/2022

Check out some the best tracks I stumbled upon this week!

> ceb: Makes Sense

Upbeat and playful pop tune with awesome vocals.

> Jeremy & The Harlequins: It Won’t Be Love

Heartfelt vintage handcrafted retro flavor.

> Mariya May: All of God’s Children Ain’t Free

Dark melancholy with a sassy western twist.

> Cosme De La Cruz: The First

Straight forward basic classy dance groove.

> Coco Smith: When The World Will End

Emotional lightweight dreamy ballad.

> Spiders Eat Vinyl: Wash of Light

Soft and gentle electro pop with outstanding vocals.

> Hilla Peer: DONT WANNA

Cold, unforgiving pop sassiness in a extraordinary dark and driving setting.

> Daniel Mauro: Wish You Away

Emotional soft pop electro with addictive falsetto vocals.

> Nevin: Don’t You Want Me

Awesome rework of the 80s classic tune.

> Anton Commissaris: Living My Life

Jazzy scene soaked with blues and soul.

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