Spence Paull – When I’m Lonely

The new release of Canadian vocal powerhouse Spence Paull contains an unreal amount of soul. With a relaxed retro-flavoured backing enriched with both synth elements, and warm vintage big band instruments, the track creates a unique groovy atmosphere that transmits a very intriguing warm and swingy vibe.

But that’s not even the best part of “When I’m Lonely”. I fell in love with those soulful vocals from the first seconds on. Done in this emotional and powerful fashion, these vocals are really relatable, while having this majestic glow around them. Telling about being lonely and thinking back the one person you shouldn’t think about, this is a story that is known all to well for most of us. Yet Paull delivers in this rare lush AND energetic fashion, making this track a work far from being just another melancholic beaten down tune. It rather injects what I’d like to call “signature that’s life element” into the song’s soul.

And that’s what makes the track so special for me. It’s the uncommon way it deals with a topic like this. All the soul and groove that was packed into the tune give the track this intriguing stage show appeal that sticks to your head for a long time.

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