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Suzy Callahan – Home Sweet Home (H-E-L-L)

With a bittersweet emotional approach, the new release of American singer/songwriter Suzy Callahan can almost be more felt than heard. In a slow country-flavored ballad environment, the tune has an instant effect on your moodset, yet not only a melancholic or sad one.

And here’s why: “Home Sweet Home (H-E-L-L)” doesn’t just lay out every sad and broken nuance out there, but there’s something more attached to the track. Picturing the effects that the pandemic had to some of us, the track lets you feel that you’re not alone with your feelings and thoughts. While ‘home’ always was a synonym for safety and security both emotionally and physically, that changed for some during these darn lockdowns, restrictions and relation based problems caused by it. And this tune isn’t afraid to talk about the topic of being (left) alone.

Yet by handling the topic with that signature-styled emotional and silky voice, the singer/songwriter created a remedy at the same time. The track feels like a good friend, offering advice on how to overcome this, even if it’s only by acknowledging the situation, and by letting you know that there are others that feel the same. This tune is your warm blanket at night, it’s your hot chocolate when times are rough, and it’s the hand resting on your shoulder when you need it most.

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