Dance Yourself Clean, OLSO – On Hold

There’s just one word to describe the new release of Dance Yourself Clean best, and this word is “groove”. Teaming up with skilled producer Olso, the indie-electro masterminds of DYC created a lush and slow anthem that fills the room with a very special signature almost retro-flavoured R’n’B-ish atmosphere.

I mean, just listen to this slow mover. With a relaxed rhythm and saturated synth textures the room is filled with a stylish sunglasses-at-night vibe, making you groove along the track instantly. An intelligent mix of electro and handmade components give the tune a really versatile aura that blends perfectly with the soulful vocals. These are giving the tune what I’d like to call a ‘vintage disco finish’.

All in all, the track feels smooth, slick and groove-packed. “On Hold” tells its story in such a versatile style that it can be heard anytime and everywhere. Mainfloor club? Hell yes. To kill the bad mood while stuck in traffic? Crank it up! Doing your imfamous office chair dance while your sitting in a zoom call with customers? Absolutely! Now YOU tell ME: what else is there to expect from a modern day mover?

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