Island Eyot – Twilight

This track can fit into any scenery you can imagine. Don’t believe me? Well, listen to this outstanding electro piece and see for yourself.

With a special groove, a reverbed synth piano and some percussion, the stage is set for those addictive vocals of Sabrina Altan. The two british producers of Island Eyot are really awesome artists when it gets to creating a scenery in the head of the listener. With the help of some effects, an arpeggiated bellish high pitched synth,  and later in the track an awesome sax melody track, they manage to paint a picture in my head like good old Bob Ross used to paint his landscape pictures on TV. Imagine early morning sunset city life. Imagine sundown scenery at the beach. Rooftop staring to the infinity of stars. Doesn’t matter when and where, I realized that this track is an allrounder, feeling-wise.

The mix of this track is a thing of beauty as well. There’s the stick percussion that is mixed ultra-crisp, along the deep warm bass drum, stringy melodies that won’t do any harm to anyone along echoed vocal chops… everything in this thing was meant to be where it is. This requires intelligence and a solid concept which can’t be done overnight. To me it’s clear that this track was a work of heart for the guys of Island Eyot.

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Florian Maier

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