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Gunder808 – Dance On Me

Alright folks, time to move to an addictive tune! The new release of Orlando based Phil Gunder aka Gunder808 contains a basic but very addictive groove which does the trick within seconds. With a defensive reverbed guitar-ish backing and a methodical sweet-spot rhythm set, “Dance On Me” knows how to create a signature-styled latin-flavoured atmosphere in which the vocals can work their magic.

And boy, they absolutely do. With a serious and emotional undertone, those vocals feel relatable and calm, bringing a youthful charme to the table that feels undiluted and energetic. And that’s about the whole secret recipe to make this tune a warm and almost anthemic banger for these cold days. I love the fact that Gunder808 won’t overload the song with fattening extra tracks and effects, it’s just those vocals in a defensive setting that just puts the focus on the things which are really important out there in great music: groove and melody. Watch out, industry. A new skilled player just entered the game.

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