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ElectroMagneticPulse – AWAKEN

The opening track on ElectroMagneticPulse’s new album ‘AWAKEN / RESET’ creates a unique dense atmosphere. Where layered synths and guitars blend with subterranean groove rhythms and lush vocals, you’re in the world of Australian based sound enhancer ElectroMagneticPulse.

You gotta love these dreamy borderline electric/psychedelic textures that are created through all of the elements woven into the tune. With several layered synths creating a sparkling base, enriched with a lightweight and mysterious aura, there are these awesome guitar tracks that fill the created room with a signature styled energy and density. “AWAKEN” fires excitement on all cylinders, there is a lot happening regarding song elements and mood transmission. Best thing is that everything feels as if it was kind of destiny that happened, as if it never was composed but part of the almost leftfield-ish master plan of the universe.

Therefore, the track serves as a perfect door opener of the new concept album which, in the words of the artist, ‘crystallizes our current juncture in time and space’. In this album, you’ll find a whole universe of arpeggiated synth wisdom, ever-knowing guitars older than time, and vocal snippets of the past and future. And every single track on the album serves as a piece of the puzzle to complete this universe.

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