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The Bergamot – Bones

The emotion transmitted through this release of The Bergamot is really hard to take in for me. Not the first time they’re able to do that with their music.

Once again, the guys of The Bergamot deliver their message with soft, widespaced elements that give you room to listen. Room to breathe. And to open up your mind, because other than an average everyday radio tune, the songs of the Brooklyn based alternative band really tell you something loaded with meaning.

With a bubbly atmosphere, an effect I’m defining as a (life) clock ticking, a very defensive rhythm, a gentle guitar/bass construct and those awesome vocals the stage is set. In my opinion, there is a lot happening ‘in between’ the single elements of the song. Maybe I’m interpreting too much here, but the message here is transmitted on so many levels beside the notes. Even the harmonic vocals used tell you something about the duality of humans in my opinion. With an unbelievably soft approach, the lyrics cut like a knife though. If you know the context in which the song was written, and how much the song means to the songwriter, “Bones” might give you a hard time to process first. This song makes you wanna cry and at the same time scream and laugh. It’s both a celebration of life and a testament to the burden life contains. It’s a lighthouse showing you hope as a beacon, yet at the same time warning you that there’ll be bumps and traps on this road we call life.

Nathaniel Paul Hoff and Jillian Speece, the members of The Bergamot, have a blind understanding of working together as one, and their works reflects that in most of their songs. Don’t just take my word for it. Listen. Hear for yourself.

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Florian Maier

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