Toteles – Phases

This tune is the debut track of German synth alchemist Christoph Pabst, better known as Toteles. And oh, what an awesome debut it is! Get ready to be abducted into a foreign world with “Phases”.

Seemingly with ease and no effort, the chillout track creates an outer world of sound, with soft synth textures, and a calm rhythm section. As the tune progresses, there are several elements coming and going like waves at the beach on a sunny and calm day. On your stroll through this scenery, you are met by stringy instrumental tracks waiting to be discovered, along extra bass melodies, combined with extra beats and smooth percussion to keep the track under an exciting tension. What fascinates me about this tune is its methodical approach, which manages to let the listener feel the groove without forcing it onto him/her. It just exists, and the listener can freely choose how to float along the silky textures.

In a world filled with hectic activities, alerts and warnings everywhere, we need tracks like these to calm down and to calibrate. Pabst managed to create a remedy for those in need of stepping on the breaks. And he delivers with groove, drive, tension, and a passion for creating a wholesome scenery. I’m excited about what will be next in line.

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