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Thomas Lehmkühler – Destiny

In fact, there are two versions of the new release of German producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Lehmkühler, although it’s the same song. I was completely stunned how the song triggered my emotions when I first saw the video coming along the song, yet listening to the tune without the pictures gave the song a different meaning. And this versatility is one of the most beautiful things in music, guys.

With a soft and understanding approach, the tune feels like it has seen and heard enough to be called “wise and experienced”. You’ll find a melody that tells about light and darkness, about the good and bad, and about the good and the bad things. With a melancholic base, yet an intense energy indicated through the backing, for me the track contains this stubborn element of life in us that never gives up. The drive to continue, the hunt for peace and calmness in life.

While the video for me serves as a statement, and an advocat for those who cannot speak for themselves, and for those who may not be in our immediate sight, the sound without the pictures speaks to me personally, trying to describe purpose and meaning of my own path. In just over two minutes, “Destiny” opens the eyes of the listener for things that are important. While some people are searching all their life for meaning and purpose, this tune just clarifies with ease that in the end, it is our destiny. No matter what we will do.

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